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Not all those who can, should blog

Those who know me, have heard me complain about people who use technology because it is there. They are just out to try the next new thing and struggle in their attempt to make it relevant in the classroom. Usually it ends up as a waste of time for the students. I always stress that Technology needs to be a tool to help you in your lesson. You need to ask yourself, “What am I gaining by injecting this particular piece of technology into my lesson”.

This being said, I turn my attention to The Blog. It seems to me that for some people it is a must. A professional who is being hired by clients should have a blog. The client will want to go online and want to see that the person that he is about to hire is an expert in his field. A blog can convey just that. Some people begin their blog because they have an idea to promote. An example of this would be one of the many blogs on cooking or one that is blogging about the latest great deals that are out.

When it comes to the field of Education, teachers are often among the first to embrace a technology. But then they get stuck. “I just got a room full of iPads and now how exactly will that help me in my history lesson.” Usually they find a creative way to use it…eventually. So when it come to blogging, many teachers decide to make a class blog. It will be a place that they can post homework and let the students ask questions about all types of things and then they can post assignments and homework and then they can post more homework and… it usually ends up a waste of time both to the teacher and the students. There are more effective ways of posting homework. There are more effective ways of getting the students to collaborate together. I think a teacher needs to think of the reason they are making the blog and then go and figure out if this is the best forum to accomplish that goals.

An example that might work. Supposed a teacher assigned a long term science project. The students might blog their findings in an ongoing blog. Or the teacher could have one professionally to highlight their own skills and attributes. An example of this would be a reading specialist who has a blog on ideas that help children learn to read.


A Reason to Blog

I am not certain if I have a good reason to begin a blog. i am not sure if I need a good reason to begin a blog. But if I do not start, I will never know. So, I begin. I begin to write to tell the world my thoughts and musings. I write with a unique perspective that is mine only and relish the ability to share it with you, my dear readers.