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There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Life – Second Life

Have you ever tried a virtual world such as Second Life? It was recommended that I check it out. I signed up and tried it out. I can’t imagine using it for my students. You are in a virtual world. Sort of like the Wolfenstein 3D that we used to play as kids. (Did I just date myself – What games did you play as a kid?)  You can move around wherever you want (No evil Nazis) and interact with the world. There are other people who are logged into that same world and you can connect with them. It is sort of like a strange social network.

It seemed to me that there were too many distraction and places that I did not want to visit. Every other world seemed to be for the purpose of meeting people and doing things that you would never do in real life. Why would you want to interact with a strange person who hangs out in make believe worlds, of whose gender you have no clue. You haven’t an inkling of their true appearance. They are trying to be someone who they are not. At least in Facebook and Twitter the people you meet are purported to be who they say they are. It is possible that there are people on Twitter who I am following, but are not teachers, yet they act and seem like teachers. I grant you that it is possible, however they need to be able to communicate coherently in the ongoing conversation. If they can fake it that far then let them say their piece. In Second Life, the people are purposely trying to be people whom they are not. I do not want my students using something like this. There is too much “bad” that could happen. Stick to your real life. There is nothing wrong with your life!

That is my opinion. Is there a way you envision using Second Life in your classroom. Would you send it home as a homework assignment? What are your thoughts about Second Life in general? Please comment below.